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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 17, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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this picture for as long as we can see it it disappears into the distance tony had a question what happens to the engines when you see it in the museum, it will just have replica engines those engines are going to be put in storage and they will be held in case we actually do have another human space flight mission which also could happen. >> spectacular that is a rap for the 6:00 a.m. hour now to tony and allison for the 7:00 a.m. hour good morning guys what a beautiful view. >> my goodness. >> historic flight. will, melanie thank you. >> get ready to spot the shuttle that is what we are talking about today and still giving you a live look in florida where discovery is now on its way to our area. catching a ride if you will on the back of a jumbo jet. live coverage all morning long of the final voyage. plus this morning, an alert for drivers in montgomery county after a recent fender bender takes a violent turn what police say you need to
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watch out for. lavish trips to las vegas paid for with your tax payer dollars, wasteful spending practices, coming under fire from lawmakers the latest on the congressional investigation and who is in the hot seat today as fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. there it is the space shuttle discovery, on its way to the washington dc area, having just taken off from cape kennedy in florida, it will reside near dulles airport at the smithsonian center and do a fly by across the washington area later this morning good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. it is a historic day. we are getting a front row seat of all the action we will bring it to you this morning but in the meantime we got to know how the weather is tucker this plays a big role. pretty perfect. >> yeah, definitely going to co-
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operate we will have lots of sunshine today and even a little cooler than yesterday daytime highs mid- to upper 70s perfect viewing weather as the space shuttle arrives 10:00 a.m. this morning temperatures 70 degrees washington humidity 46%, winds out of the north at 10 miles per hour if, pressure on its way up, 30.09 inches the cold front that came through, and during -- there you go, overnight hours, out of the north and west, front comes through dry we really need the rain showers this will come through dry but deliver cooler air today high temperatures as mentioned will be in the mid- to upper 70s. all right let's flip back to our day planner and again mild conditions breezy, with highs suspected to be mid-70s should be a beautiful afternoon. >> more details on weather in just a minute, traffic with julie wright good morning. >> good morning tucker while you guys have been doing
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weather we have had a lot going on the roads, good morning jeff and jeremy in sky fox they are hovering above the belt way, 50 east of the belt way as you work out towards 704 this is the remains of the metro bus that caught fire. right side of the road partially blocked without too much back up, no injuries involved as a result of this thankfully, early merge coming off the belt way to exit on to out bound 50 and head out to 704, westbound, brief rubber necking delay, 410 towards new york avenue let me take it back inside map out problems, northbound i-95, tough go all morning long delays as you work north of the prince william parkway 25 minute ride again accident activity cleared at 123 and lanes are open stephanie hit me up on twitter, a crash involves an over turned vehicle inner loop of the belt way 236, ramp closed, belt way
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itself remains open headed up towards 66 that exit is blocked with this over turned vehicle of course montgomery county accident activity southbound 29, new hampshire avenue follow police direction to get by. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you julie, this mornings big story, a live look at discovery, discoveries final mission took off a few moments ago from kennedy space center, the retired shuttle is piggy backing on a 747, from florida, to virginia,. >> discovery is expected to reach our area between 10 and 11:00 a.m., there are several locations where you can catch the fly over of course we have coverage out there, sherry lee is live in arlington, with details, we will check with her later of course and this is also the shuttle spotting, if you will, in that power hour between 10 and 11 check it out
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on your screen right there. all right. also, a little later, if you cannot make it outside to see the shuttle in person we will carry it live right here on fox 5 of course and the web and we want to see your pictures of the shuttle as it passes by e- mail them to fox 5 news pix@g now for a check of this mornings other top stories university of maryland student accused of threatening to kill people on campus is due in court for a competency hearing 19-year-old alexandre thong is charged with misuse of e-mail, disturbing the peace and other offences he posted on a website he would go on a shooting rampage on campus. a fender bend inner montgomery county takes a violent turn a man was driving in jones lane, potomac early saturday morning when he was bumped from behind when he got out to talk to the other driver he was faced with two masked
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men armed with a long gun and knife. >> they duct taped him put him in his trunk and drove him around to atms where they obtained money from his bank account. >> suspects took the victim back to a church on jones avenue they untied him but left him in the trunk he was able to break free and call police a woman says she was involved in a similar incident, earlier this month, that is on jones lane potomac. tony. >> on capital hill congress is turning up the heat in its investigation of the government services administration conference at a las vegas resort. lawmakers will grill a fired gsa executive who threw the party there on the tax payers dime. doug luzader has a recap how things played out during day one of testimony. >> reporter: this may ultimately involve criminal charges for congress there is plenty of outrage about what we are learning about the gsa and what we are seeing. this may become the iconic
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image of a scandal gsa manager jeffrey neily responsible for hosting that over the top las vegas conference seen in his wife's personal photos taken during one of many taxpayer funded trips to vegas reporters were chasing him through the halls here yesterday as a congressional witness, this is all he would say. >> mr. chairman on advice ofcounsel i respectfully refuse to answer. >> reporter: he is now on leave but he and other current and former gsa employees had to listen to a barrage of bipartisan anger. >> it is not your money it is the tax payers money. >> reporter: money that went not only to luxury las vegas hotels but gifts for federal workers and entertainment including clowns and a mind reader, the now former head of gsa martha johnson said this has been going on for more than a decade. >> western region conference and economical training event
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in the late 90s evolved into a raucous, extravagant, arrogant event that belittled federal workers. when you see this widespread misuse of money and you said well, they were entitled to it, there is frustration steaming out of our ears. >> reporter: he told the white house about this investigation nearly a year ago long before details ever became public in washington, doug luzader, fox news. meanwhile in the secret service prostitution controversy the eleven agents at the center of the scandal have had their security clearances revoked and at least ten members of the u.s. military were involved not five first reported scandal came to light after one of the agents allegedly refused to pay his prostitute for services. president barack obama is accusing republicans of one again quote choosing to protect tax breaks for the richest
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americans after senate rejected the buffett rule last night in a 51-45 vote democrats failed to get 60 votes needed to move forward on that bill. republicans argued it would do nothing to address the problem of the economy. did you file your federal taxes yet? irs gave a couple extra days this year because many people are filing taxes online, most post offices are not staying open late tonight but a handful in our area are open until 7:00 p.m. and there are also a few of those self-service centers open all night. problem with that is you would like to have your receipt for doing it, that is why we stand in line. >> okay any way, time now, 7:09 a.m., tuesday morning, still ahead the district begins a campaign to prepare the -- repair the roads in the city. >> what caused a pilot to mistake a planet for an aircraft findings of a new report next. somber crowd at the glow of candlelight across the virginia
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tech campus remembering the victims killed in the worst mass shooting in united states history five years later as we head to break we have a live look in florida, at the space shuttle discovery, as it continues to fly close to the ground now across the beaches of florida so people can see it, see it there for one last time it will be here in the washington area later this morning we will tell you about that shortly. 10 minutes after 7:00 a.m. that is a beautiful picture. i style everyone.
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the norway killer says he would do it again one of the judges in the case was dismissed for commenting online last year that he should get
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the death penalty he gave a nationalist salute as the trial started in norway and claims the killing of 77 people was in self-defense. the court is deciding if he is sane and whether he will be sent to prison or a mental facility. we now know why an air canada plane dropped 400 feet in january the pilot thought the planet venus was another airplane and plunged his boeing 767 toward the atlantic to avoid a collision 16 people were hurt in the flight from switzerland canada's transportation safety board blames pilot fatigue. unfortunate. tucker barnes back with us, from a well deserved couple of days, of vacation. >> long weekend. >> you never take a week only a couple days. >> got to take a week tuck >> i need a week. >> you need a week. >> even after just getting back. >> now you really know you need a week. >> yes, i need more than a week. right to your bus stop forecast, kids going to school today, no vacation for you.
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as we are looking at just the perfect conditions, cooler than yesterday, yesterday afternoon got warm. >> man, 88. >> up to 89. >> 89 officially, but humidity wasn't terrible. >> no, it wasn't. >> didn't feel that bad. >> no. >> you are right. >> we all agree. sunshine mild temperatures 63 to 69 current temperatures again we are looking at another mild day but won't be hot like yesterday, 69 mentioned in washington 44 now buffalo, off to north and west cooler weather that will move in on northwest breeze today, so our temperatures will still be above normal, but won't be quite as hot as yesterday, when we set lots of records up and down the mid-atlantic, baltimore hit 90, there is your sentinel sat rad, cloud cover out to the west, rain showers down into tennessee, and deep south, hopefully, a few showers will make it in here tomorrow afternoon, that is really our next best chance for shower activity, and then quiet toward the end of the workweek
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temperatures a few degrees above normal, 79 today, few showers tomorrow bounce around a little bit bottom line best chance for a soaking rain this weekend. >> you need it. >> mm-hmm. looking at that 5 day. okay. >> i like it thanks tuck. >> let's find out what is happening with traffic for that julie wright. >> hey, tony, allison, tucker very much a busy commute for our friends in virginia, we had accident activity eastbound 66 centerville it is gone but wall to wall traffic coming in out of manassas, continue to carry you eastbound brief break, back on the brake belt way northbound i-95 struggling mainline from dumb frees, trying to get through wood bridge heavy, slow, steady, out towards duke street turning the camera around this is where we have reports of accident activity involving the over turned vehicle, on the ramp inner loop of the belt way, 236 we are getting that sun glare on this angle but the lamp is closed belt way remains open
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slow going out of annandale, towards merry field. 7:17 a.m., space shuttle discovery, there is a live look at it, still circling around florida, giving people a last chance to see it there, it is expected to reach our area, between 10 and 11:00 a.m. this morning. >> all right and there are several locations the where you can watch the fly over up close and personal our fox 5s sarah lee is at one of those locations in arlington and got details, good morning. >> good morning allison good morning tony we are here at gravelly point i have friends joining me rich here, willie and walter and they got here probably not too listening after i got here early this morning they want a prime viewing spot for discovery as it comes in, we are going to talk to them a little bit about coming out so early what this means to you as we look at video of it, taking off from
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florida, and making its way here rich, what does this all mean for you? >> well, something that you are not going to see again because they are retiring it so it will be put away you are not going to see it flying around any more. >> it will be in the museum you can go see it es this so different. >> seeing the shuttle on the back of a 747 is something unique. >> yes. >> all right. >> definitely not something you would see a lot what are you looking forward to as you see the shuttle come over >> i have never seen it before piggy backed on a 747 i think this will be exciting and i don't think we will see it too much any more because like he said they are retiring it being here at the nations capitol, beautiful day having a day off it will be great. >> why did you get here so early this morning. >> actually i was running late i was going to get her earlier i was worried it would be full i was told this is the number one prime place to be to see the shuttle, so, but i want the get here as early as possible to get a good spot like you all
7:19 am
got. >> a little less than 3 hours away if you are coming out to see the shuttle you got to take pictures walter tell us about taking pictures hope to get a good shot. >> hope so, i will move around and get the right advantage hopefully they will come out great and show my friends and -- because they are all about in the area too, we are just hoping we get some great shots. >> going to compare pictures. >> yes. >> so how did you get the prime spot at gravelly point when everybody else is all over dc. >> well, i come here all the time i am here a bit this is sort of my usual spot i stick with it. >> you staked your claim here everybody out here at gravelly point waiting for the space shuttle discovery in just a little less than 3 hours between 10 and 11:00 a.m. it will do a fly over across the washington region it will fly very low compared to say normal aircraft you would see flying around this area you should get a really good up close view of discovery as it comes in and of course, we are
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going to be out here watching and waiting with the rest of you. that is the latest here back to you. thank you. we move on to some other news now, d dot crews are aggressively repairing damaged roadways across the city t campaign will go through may 15th, nearly 19,000 potholes have been fixed since inception in 2009. residents are being urged to report any holes that need repair do that by phone, e- mail, tweet, or you can use the districts new dc 311 smart phone ap, average response time is 3 days. supporters of budget acon the my for the district are make -- autonomy for the district are making their rights known today they are asking for the district to get more control over the city budget a proposal from congress last year that would have let
7:21 am
dc spend local tax dollars was rejected because it limited abortion funding. virginia's two year state budget is up for final binding vote today, transportation funding is still a big sticking point for democrats they will likely not block passage democrats want $300 million in the budget for an extension of the dulles rail project. updated fiscal report shows louden county could gain $386 million, in taxes, from the extension of metro beyond dulles international airport the project is expected to attract more than 4800 housing units 1.4 million feet of office development in that county louden board has until july to decide whether it wants to contribute to the extension. it is 7:21 a.m. on tuesday morning, hey, what is in your whopper, well, it could depend on which burger king you order the sandwich from. >> nodding off behind the wheel is not the only threat from
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lack of shut eye growing evidence people who regularly get too little sleep, suffer long lasting consequences. tucker, allison we will explain that in just a moment. >> thank you tony. from the brewery to store shelves and bars, is that okay? it was a little meaty, brewery. >> it is hard enough to say by itself. >> holly morris is learning what it takes to bring beers to market. brewery ♪
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united states helping in a campaign to vaccinate haitians against infectious diseases such as whooping cough, polio, measles, u.s. health and human services, secretary is on a two davie sit to the nation to get the program started she said efforts to vaccinate patients is critical because the country remains vulnerable today seize brought from other parts of the
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world. we've been told for years getting enough sleep is important to staying healthy but now research shows too little sleep may increase your chances of developing diabetes, according to a new study people who don't sleep enough or sleep at the wrong time of day, suffer long lasting consequences, including the risk of diabetes or heart disease. researchers say that is because sleep drops the normal biological rhythms are disrupted your body physically changes in ways to help set the stage for the illness. if you want to cut back on your salt intake who doesn't right, you may want to head over, research which ares examined 2,000 fast food items, fast food in united statecanada contain much higher levels of sodium than united kingdom and france mcdonald's chicken nuggets in kana the contained
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2.5 -- in canada, contained 2.5 times more sodium than the uk. >> the sun it ands out a giant fireball next. >> as the investigation into the secret service prostitution scandal continues to grow, we are getting more insight into the probe. an author who worked closely with secret service agents joins us live after the break. >> there is a live lookout side a very pretty start to the day, tucker tells us going to be a nice day he has detailed forecast and julie wright has a look at traffic when we return. 7:27 a.m.
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take a look at this incredible video, there was -- boy you see that a solar flare on the sun yesterday afternoon you may have noticed it got a little hotter at that time. >> is that right? >> no this was a moderate flare and not aimed at earth now some times these can disrupt satellites or cause spectacular northern lights, we are currently in a period where we can expect a lot of solar activity, it is expected to peak next year this is a normal, cyclical thing that happens with the sun every 11 years we see increased activity
7:31 am
look at that. >> hot just looking at that. >> hot around here yesterday maybe that's why. >> not why but why not we can say that. >> why can't we say that. >> it is weird it went up for one day. >> yeah, it is not. >> well, i mean the sun -- >> we will get the letters. >> yeah. >> i mean the sun is responsible for the heat on the earth. >> but not the spike. >> yesterday, warmst temperature so far this year, looking at the books, 89 degrees regan national. >> already in the books. >> wow. >> seriously. >> yesterday's numbers are in the books. dulles 88, i tell you he moves over two chairs suddenly, he is just one of them. >> hey, i am one of them. >> too good for us weather people. bwi marshall 90, good for a record so record high bwi marshall and first 90-degree temperature of the year i don't know why we are cheering that
7:32 am
but this you go 69 washington a front came through, overnight off to the south and east, the front is moving you might notice a cloud or two but what you are really going to notice winds have shifted out of the north and west that will allow the cooler air to start working in comfortable, hagerstown, 56 degrees, 59 win chester, i think it will feel a lot more comfortable today yesterday was a beautiful afternoon today as well will be a beautiful day a lot of sunshine 10 degrees cooler than what we had around here during the day monday. lots of quiet weather expected high pressure to build from the north and west that will deliver plenty of sunshine today, as we bet into the night time hours, tomorrow -- get into the night time hours, tomorrow, cloud cover, streaming into the area it is possible, we need the rain is we could see a few showers around here tomorrow afternoon along with cooler temperatures highs in the 60s warm up by thursday and friday, flipping around here a little bit as we get into the weekend maybe some much needed soaking rain around here by this weekend.
7:33 am
79 today mostly sunny skies, breezy notably cooler than yesterday still above average, winds out of the north and west, 10 do 15, partly cloudy skies, cool overnight, 65 your overnight low open the windows allow the cool air in. a few showers high of 63, thursday and friday look beautiful, and there is a chance for a thunderstorm or a few showers saturday, 74 degrees. that is a look at weather let's do traffic and find out if julie got her nutty buddy >> i did but more importantly it was some body's birthday. yesterday. >> yes. >> it was and i wrote a quick poem just for miss allison seymour roses are red now they are spruce you my sweet girl have found the fountain of youth. >> oh, thank you julie. >> julie. >> had to call you out girl. >> thank you julie. >> on the roads, lanes are open definitely slow going traffic, outer loop, rubber necking pass occurred inner loop 236 this
7:34 am
one involved the over turned vehicle, still blocking the ramp to 236 the belt way remains open, braddock to 266 accident activity southbound 29, after new hampshire avenue, tieing up the left side of the roadway, northbound i-95 remains congested all the way up towards the fsc before you break loose that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much more fall out from the secret service prostitution scandal that unfolded in columbia, ahead of president obama's visit over the weekend. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says he is embarrassed by the allegations. all 11 secret service agents involved have been stripped of their security clearances some military personnel staying at the same hotel are under investigation that number is up to 10. dell quentin wilbert author of raw hide down he worked closely with secret service agents
7:35 am
researching which writing the book he joins us to talk about the unfolding scandal. first, when you first heard about this when the news broke were you surprised. >> yeah, you don't expect law enforcement officers to be engaging in something that could be either illegal, or b improper especially on a presidential trip. secret service there is nothing more important than protecting the president when a he goes any where outside the white house that is their job they have to stay focused and protect the president. >> obviously when the president is there, you know, you have to be on mark and doing everything that is very important for protection of the president the advanced teams explain that a little bit what goes into that and the level of importance that team has. >> well, in protecting the president you have agents like when you are watching the inauguration they are surrounding the president they walk down pennsylvania avenue with him on the running boards of the limousine these were not those agents they are not all
7:36 am
agents some are agents some are uniformed officers when you visit the white house and see the guys in the white uniforms semi automatic weapons there are two different types of officers agents and officers they go down first weeks before and set up, set up mag that tom tores for where obama will be, they you know map out where he can go where he can't go, set up specific timeplaces get the right security contingent in place at eathose locations they play a very critical role in the security of the president when regan was shot in 1981 outside washington hilton hotel the advance work allowed a rope line to be just within 15 feet of the president, in which they had no screening of people, going behind that line, they had just done that over and over gain. so this work you cannot under state the importance of advanced work in protecting the president. >> we are hearing -- it is kind
7:37 am
overwise fors here and there about well, -- whispers here and there, about well, there is this well done mentality when you are off the clock some times these types of parties or things happen in your experience working with the secret service have you found that to be true. >> no, i am not sure they would allow me even if they were engaging in that conduct agentformer agents i talked to i don't think they were going to bring me along, a reporter to their parties and stuff but i am also kind of skeptical, that it might be even broader, you know, i just don't know the agents i've met pretty high moral standards very strict admissions requirements to get into secret service and generally, you know, they are swearing to up hold the law we don't know that in fact, that is what this investigation will determine, this investigation will determine a what do these agents do, what kind of
7:38 am
ruleregulations and laws did they break if any i believe prostitution may be illegal. >> legal in colombia. >> right and three, how widespread was this you mention the militaries now, involved in this because the advanced team is not just the secret service white house personnel, military, secret service, other agencies like the state department, because they have to be there too. a huge swarming mass of people. >> the fact these secret service agents involved in this, or who are going to be investigated have been stripped of their security clearance, tell me the significance of that, does it look like maybe their careers are over with the secret service? >> they have a long personnel process they have to go through, federal government, they are rights like everyone else they have to prove what they did was broke actual rules and regulations i am not sure, within -- definitely it is a significant step, it signals hey, we don't trust you at the moment to have access to very serious things but the secret service spokesman told the
7:39 am
washington post yesterday, you know, where i work, told the washington post this was a routine step in these matters and could be reinstated. >> you mentioned earlier, we are all reporting in colombia, prostitution is legal, so let's say that you know, whatever they did there, was not illegal in colombia, does it still matter? does it still speak to their -- >> it matters tremendously they have rules they have to follow but let's say, you know, in my book it focuses mostly on the 1980s we are in a pitch bat well the soviet union agents were specifically told when they visited countries around the world, do not get involved in this behaviour with prostitutes, strippers, with just random women why? or men, because they could be agents for a foreign country. they could be trying to blackmail us, then suddenly let's say, cuba has a wonderful spy network one of the best in the world, they were down in
7:40 am
colombia, set these women up to be with secret service agents they partied did whatever then the cubans said okay we know you are married sir we are going the tell your wife about this unless you tell us where the president will be tomorrow what information did you hear in the hallway. these agents are everywhere. that is the real concern,. >> puts us in a very interesting perspective. >> very good thank you for the insight, writer with washington post and author of raw hide down about the near assassination of ronald regan. >> thank you. >> thank you 7:40 a.m. on tuesday morning, the nats well, they are on fire coming up a look at steven straws burg's debut at home. >> a call for the judge in the trayvon martin case to be removed we tell you why next. first looking to upgrade those old pots and pans, if so today's my fox half off deal is for you $15, buys you $30 worth of kitchen tools and supplies
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on the website, universal kitchen go to look for the my fox half off logo right side of the page we will be right back 
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it was an emotional night at virginia tech as thousands gathered for the fifth anniversary of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. students, friends, family attended memorial services, honouring the 32 people killed by a student gunman on april 16th, 2007. during a candlelight vigil the names of each victim with the exception of the lone gunman were read aloud a candle was lit and placed at the memorial stone, baring each victim's name. >> to the trayvon martin case, george zimmerman's defense team requested the judge to the case, be removed after she revealed her husband works with a cnn legal analyst, zimmerman was charged last week in the february shooting death of trayvon martin he is due to
7:45 am
return to court friday for a bail hearing. final winner of the record $656 million mega millions jackpot will be revealed tomorrow the single winner will hold a news conference and accept a check for just over $218 million in red bud illinois a small farming town of about 3700 residents. the winners in maryland and kansas collected their money anonymously but illinois requires winners to come forward publicly that helps prove the lottery is paying out its prizes. when you won all that money you didn't have to listen to anybody i thought. i guess you have to. >> for the last time you have to >> i guess so. >> now i am in hiding you never saw me. okay. weather perfect for those of you going to take a peek at the space shuttle, as it flies overhead ideal conditions lots of blue sky looking at a cooler day than yesterday, highs upper 70s right now upper 60s, 69 washington, 65 baltimore, temperatures have taken a big
7:46 am
step backwards, win chester 59 degrees and the naval air station 65, comfortable start to your day pleasant afternoon a lot of sunshine expected as this cold front has moved through overnight hours, cooler weather on the way winds breezes out of the north and west today, and that will keep things on the dry side i know we need the rain not in the forecast for our tuesday. maybe tomorrow we can see showers, here is your five day forecast, 79 today check it out only 60s tomorrow lots of clouds and possibility of a few showers. thursday and friday, possibility of more rain still a lot of question marks but at least the possible of a good soaking rain we could use it. >> i know the timing is not great. >> we will take it whenever it is. >> but there is a big event saturday i am helping host outside. >> don't worry about it yet >> not going to jinx it julie wright, thank you so much for my lovely poem, yesterday it made me feel happy.
7:47 am
>> you are welcome. and the funny thing is i thought of that all by myself. >> very nice. >> usually you are doing limericks. >> yeah, you just wait until your birthday i am working up a great poem for you tony. >> i am sure. >> all right guys on the roads you will find northbound i-95 extremely slow as you guys travel north 234 continuing past wood bridge, past newington leaving the parkway to king street, 325 delays across the 14th street bridge southbound, 270 lanes are open slow going leaving german town out towards the lane divide no incidents to report, belt way slow, 95 around georgia avenue. inner loop of the belt way, you can see all this red, leaving springfield towards 236, accident activity involves an over turned vehicle blocking the ramp to 236 an over turned jeep, rubber necking delay trying to get past the scene accident activity southbound 29, after new hampshire avenue, stay to the right and now receiving word we have a car
7:48 am
fire eastbound 66 at 29 gainsville stay to the right to get by there, penn line running 30 minutes late because of a signal problem metro says they will honor those tickets that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> listen up on the ice, caps are once again behind in their first round playoff series with boston, the bruins scored with less than 2 minutes left, to secure a 4-3 win and take a 1 game lead in the best of 7 series game 4 is tomorrow night, what is today. >> tuesday. >> i think it is thursday night. thursday night at the verizon center, thursday. >> thanks tony. >> on the mound last night nats ace, steven strausberg made his first home start of the year, led the nats to a 3-6 victory other the astros he pitched 6 innings, struck out five batters nats are 8 and 3 on the season do they say that. >> they do. >> in order for you to enjoy that iced cold beer at happy
7:49 am
hour, hours of work go into getting it to the bar in the first place. >> holly morris has a look at this process holly. >> it is already miller time. at least where i am. this morning we are live at premium distributors in northeast and you are right the beer distributors are the local face of the beer industry they are the ones that get your beer to your favorite bar to your favorite restaurant to your favorite grocery store, in time, and they start early in the morning that is why we are behind the scenes this morning taking a look at the action- packed beer distributor ship and why this is so important all live next fox 5 morning news stay with us. if you can't fit all those in there, just leave one behind i will get it for you  let's recap the cleaning games. [ bottle #2 ] mr. clean magic eraser extra power
7:50 am
was 3x faster on permanent marker. and he didn't stop there. aw, he never stops. i-i can't watch. cut to commercial. yeah, this is a commercial. [ male announcer ] mr. clean magic eraser extra power.
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7:52 am
all right, this morning holly morris is beginning behind the scenes at a beer distributor. >> she is at premium
7:53 am
distributors, northeast dc to learn more about the beer industry. >> i didn't know dc had this whole big beer industry. >> yeah, you will be amazed about the beer industry here in the greater washington area let me throw this out for you, in just the district the beer industry em employees just under 3,000 people, maryland 30,000 virginia 43,000 so beer business is big business in dc when you are at a beer distributor ship it is nonstop activity there is stuff going on, continually we have had to be careful and make sure we are not in the way of all the trucks and beer being loaded, and it is empty right now. but you want to know why it is empty? because they have already done that work early this morning the beer business starts early, and no body knows about that more than my first guest rebecca spicer she is the national beer hotellers association,. >> good morning.
7:54 am
>> it looks like we are standing where nothing is going on. >> you know you saw it it was incredibly busy. >> it was. in fact we got pictures of what was going on here tell everybody, what happens in the early morning hours at a beer distributor ship. >> it is 24/7 in a place like where we are, in a beer distributor ship across the country, 98,000 men and women working around the clock to make sure you and other beer lovers have the beer of your choice at the end of a hard working day. >> how did you know i love beer. >> we had a conversation ahead of time. >> a lot of people love beer looks like overtime more people have gotten into it i was reading in the 80s there were not that many breweries now ome country. >> you are right you did do your homework because you love beer i know but it has been fun to watch the growth especially in the craft beer industry here alone, at this warehouse there are over 400 labels of beer, i bet you haven't tried all of them have you.
7:55 am
>> not as far as you know. >> we will work on that, but 13,000 labels available across the country, to consumers it is really exciting, styles of all different types, laggers, pilsners, porters, something for every pallet. >> so when we are talking about all these people that work in the beer industry give me an idea what the jobs are here. >> sure well, really solid jobs, which is really important to note and this time, economic recovery, and we saw a lot of people of course loading the beer trucks this morning you saw fellows loading tags and cases and those are really heavy items as you saw i didn't list any, but they with heavy getting them on to the trucks in order to get them out to what we call on premise retailers like bars, like restaurants and as well as the stores where you might go and buy some of this beer and take it home for your dinner tonight. so we have those folks we have
7:56 am
drivers we have people who [ audio difficulty ] >> i sincerely hope and apologize if you heard me singing la verne and shirley theme song but it is a brewery they work there remember. >> we will get back to that shot when we can we lost some aspect of it but we will have more coming up in a little bit >> i'm sorry. >> it was great i don't think they heard it. >> tax day freebies, war byes, chilis and cinnabon. >> plus in just a few minutes former nasa astronaut will join us live to talk about his own experience on shuttle discovery as we await the landing of the shuttle right here in washington. >> plus, travis smiley and cornell west join us to talk about their new book, aiming to stopofferty in america, we will have them in just a minute,
7:57 am
stay with us, 7:56 a.m.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
final take off for the space shuttle discovery this morning, travelling from kennedy space center in florida on the back of a jumbo jet, towards its new home here in the dc region we will get a live update and talk with a former astronaut about this historic day for the u.s. space program. plus members of the military and secret service under investigation for allegedly soliciting prostitutes the latest twist in the scandal. ahead later this hour, how can you lift yourself to a better economic status? travis smiley and cornell west are out with a new book called the rich and the rest of us a poverty manifesto, they will join us live in studio to talk about that. good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour happy you are with us on this historic tuesday morning thanks for joining us tucker barnes is here too. >> yesterday turned into a hot one without the humidity >> i enjoyed it.
8:01 am
>> a lot of people celebrate the warm weather today will be cooler sunshine will stick around for another day. >> good. we will take it. >> let's do it, hd radar, cooler, cold front coming through, i think it will move through at this point winds out of the north and west, 10, 15, tells us the front is now south of us bottom line cooler than yesterday, still a nice day, in fact a beautiful day nice breeze out of the north and west headed outside to check out the space shuttle in the next couple hours, ideal viewing weather, all right, you know what, we will go to our next map, bonus five day preview and talk more about that in a couple minutes, 79 today maybe a few chances for showers tomorrow, you can see, we will be beautiful, generally next couple days thursday and friday temperatures 70s as we get into the weekend possibility, of good soaking rain details on that. thanks tucker. >> all right let's find out
8:02 am
what is happening on the roads julie. >> all right you guys very much a busy commute, callers are telling me it is about a two hour ride, eastbound 66 as you work in from gainsville towards nutly street, car fire extinguished, 234 also cleared, eastbound 66 the trip southbound george washington parkway coming from the belt way, good 33 minute commute headed down toward the key bridge delays 66 inside the belt way trying to get past washington boulevard find 395 on the brakes, to the 14th street bridge no change heavy slow and steady as you work your way south of german town headed for the lane divide. big story this morning, discovery's final flight retired space shuttle, took off on the back of a modified jumbo jet from florida, heading to virginia, during the last hour. >> there are several locations
8:03 am
where you can watch the fly over here in our area, fox 5s sherry lee live at one of them in arlington this morning good morning. >> good morning allison, you can really get a sense of the excitement, building now space shuttle discovery has taken off from florida you can see everybody here awaiting discovery's arrival between 10 and 11 here people are setting up their chairs marking their spots at gravelly point this is one of the best viewing areas for viewing it doesn't normally open until 6:00 a.m. this morning but the first shuttle watchers started arriving 5:30 a.m. for this once in a lifetime opportunity, shuttle discovery took off at day break from kennedy space center on the way to washington where people are gathered for this location, people brought their coffee, cameras and kids out early to see this final flight it is getting a lift from a specially modified 747 will land at
8:04 am
dulles international airport and head for the udvar hazy center for display. one man drove all the way from new jersey, just to witness discovery's final moments. >> some people might call you a bit crazy to do that. >> possibly yes, but you don't see it all the time, like i said it is the last of the flights of it, and even though it is not on a truck it is on the back of a 747, it is still nice to see it in the air one more time. >> now discovery is due to arrive again between 10 and 11:00 a.m. this morning over the washington area the prime spot the watch is at udvar hazy near dulles, the parking lot just opened at 8:00 a.m. but space is limited you should have a view from national mall, southwest waterfront, old town alexandria, national harbour for a complete list of viewing
8:05 am
spots go to now the shuttle will be flying low over the washington region a lot like you saw shuttle as it took off from florida, and you can see the parking lot right here, it is starting to fill up, and there are only a few spots here at gravelly point if you want to get out here and get one of the best spots to watch the shuttle you better head out soon i talked to one man who said his wife said well, maybe you can go out about 9, 9:30 a.m. he said he saw things out here and said no, i am going out now he is here come out enjoy this if you want to see the shuttle, that is the latest allison back to you. >> always a great spot to watch the planes come in now super great we have a special guest joining us via skype to talk more about the shuttle, a former nasa astronaut now the director of the will lard hacker man academy of mathematics and science at towel son good morning. >> good morning allison, great pleasure to be here.
8:06 am
>> as an individual, a person watching all this excitement unfold, what does it mean to you? >> you know, it is a bitter sweet moment i would love to see discovery blasting off on another mission into space, but the program has come to an end and i can't thing of a better place to put space shuttle discovery than at the hazy septemberer at the national air and space museum, hazy center at the national air and space museum. >> you are no stranger to this shuttle discovery could you tell us about your personal time on this spacecraft. >> i flew on fts 70 space shuttle discovery back in july 1995, spent 9 days in space aboard it traveled 3.7 million miles discovery is a great space shuttle they were all great and discovery is one of my favorite ones, and i had many great moments, looking at the earth looking at the andes
8:07 am
mountains pacific ocean just incredible sites. >> we are very familiar with the history and how important discovery is as the world's most traveled spaceship can you give us sort of, a perspective of how important shuttle discovery is to all of us. >> yeah, discovery was really the work horse of all the space shuttles it flew a total of 39 missions, 135 space shuttle missions discovery flew 39 of those and traveled 148 million miles during that journey, 1.5 times the distance of going to mars and back. with discovery we law firmed the huble space telescope many people have heard about, we used it for two shuttle repair missions or huble servicing missions eileen collins was the first female commander of the space shuttle and commanded space shuttle discovery and it also took john glen into space on his second mission.
8:08 am
>> for those watching today, the young people that are going to see this fly over, hopefully, some how, i am not condoning not being in school but for those watching this, how important and significant is this to witness this moment in history as it retires to udvar hazy. >> for everybody that is out there watching i wish i could be there today i have other meetings i have to go to but this is really a once in a lifetime opportunity, when you see the space shuttle discovery on top of the 747, you are looking at almost a million pounds of hard ware up in the sky there which is really an incredible sight and as it goes on a low pass over the washington mall, capital out to dulles it will be an incredible sight i would encourage everybody stick your head outside, watch for it coming over it will be an incredible moment. >> thank you is much for joining us i know you will be watching when you can today as well thanks for joining us
8:09 am
again former astronaut, donald thomas appreciate your time. >> okay allison. >> again the plane and shuttle will fly over dc landscape, we sort of tacked about it just there but this happens beteen 10 and 11:00 a.m. this morning if you can't make it outside to see it in person we will carry it live for you here on fox 5 and on the web we want to see your pictures of the shuttle as it passes by please e-mail them to fox 5 news pix@g allison, in our other top stories 11 agents secret service agents at the center of the secret service scandal have had their security clearances revoked investigators are trying to figure out what exactly happened at the colombia hotel last week as an add vanned team of -- advanced team of agents was preparing for the president's visit. the scandal came to light as one of the agents refused to pay a prostitute for her services.
8:10 am
embarrass the president rather than protected the president, they went wild. and about the last people you would expect to go wild is secret service they keep the rest of us from going wild we got a price to pay for this one. >> the pentagon initially said five members of the u.s. military were also involved but a spokesman now says that number could be more than 10. and in the gsa scandal the agencies inspector general says he is investigating possible bribery and kick backs and recommending criminal charges. also a new grilling set today for other officials of the general services administration, this is video of yesterday's hearing, actually this is not, but we do have video of yesterday's oversight committee where the man at the center of the scandal repeatedly took the fifth at 8:30 a.m., the trans portation or a trans portation subcommittee tarts another hearing on the wasteful
8:11 am
spending. 70 degrees at 8:10 a.m. on tuesday morning, tis the season for bug bites plenty of over the counter remedies how well do they work. we will check with the fox medical team coming up. >> plus tax day, settling up with uncle sam, if it has you stressed out there are a few sweet deals today, from popular companies and restaurants, we will take a look when fox 5 morning news continues it is 8:11 a.m. ñ [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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welcome back, 14 minutes after 8:00 a.m., looks like it will be a very nice day. >> a picture perfect day, and to make it even better, here is tucker barnes. >> thank you allison, before we get to the weather, let's get down to business, you know what times the, time for my first 5 photo of the day. that's right, this is gryphen i hope i am getting that name right. >> can what an interesting spelling. >> his family said he is a future rock star. >> he has the hair and mohawk.
8:15 am
>> so cute. >> he does have a little mohawk action. >> a little early to call him a future rock star. >> why? >> who knows if there will be rock stars >> there will always be rock stars. >> i wish him the best of luck. >> i will buy an album or cd. >> download it. i will download it. >> in the meantime he is so cute. >> hey, yep, to send us your child's picture go to click on the mornings tab and i hope you have a fantastic day as we are expecting lots of sunshine. all right 70 degrees washington, 70 boston, where cooler weather starts to move in across mid-atlantic and new england after a hot one yesterday, 40s out to the west, cincinnati, 45 degrees, 42 chicago check out international falls, 20 degrees, so just in case you thought we were done with winter parts of the lower 48 still freezing temperatures
8:16 am
looking t the satellite radar, in for a cooler day should be a it biofuel day, cold front moves through -- in for a beautiful day. cold front moves through, high temperatures 10 degrees cooler than yesterday rain showers down to the south and west, louisiana and portions of the deep south, some of that cloud cover and perhaps a few of their showers will make it in here tomorrow, tomorrow a cooler day with the possibility of much needed shower activity. see if we can squeeze out a few showers. here is your five day forecast, 79, only low 60s tomorrow, a cooler day right back near 70, 75 thursday and friday and perhaps a chance for much needed soaking rains around here, this weekend. more details on weather in just a minute. >> on the road southbound 270, you will find lanes are open, definitely below speed, leaving german town, more delays as you
8:17 am
approach the lane divide accident activity reported, meanwhile, if you are travelling the inner loop bogged down with the latest springfield headed out to 66, 30 minute commute leaving the belt way, all of the lanes are open inbound chain bridge checking for a stalled car, connecticut avenue north, follow police direction to get by that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie you will want to listen to this today is the last day to get your taxes into the mail but, the post office is not keeping late hours tonight, it says since most people filed taxes online, there is no reason to keep them open late and don't rush to the post office research shows road fatalities surge 6% on tax day. >> yeah. >> will all right if you are looking for stress relief related to tax day there are fun ways to enjoy the end of tax season there is a list of those freebies here to share
8:18 am
those online editor, david. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> let me ask the question, free stuff on tax day help relieve our stress make us happy, when did this start? >> it is a few years old i mean, you know if we can use president's day the shop for cars, why not use tax day to get a little relief. >> a little relief. >> hey, i am not complaining it is nice a lot of these promotions you get free stuff. >> yep. >> there is a long list you guys have put all this together, you want to spotlight some of them. >> sure, these are participating locations sort of thing you can check out the full list atkin we have links to facebook and places where you can download the coupons one big one is arby's free curly fries, so it is fries but you can also, enter a sweep stakes to win $5,000. >> that is great.
8:19 am
>> and their curly fries are good. >> print the coupon out at chevy's they are offering a couple margaritas, at a good discount price and this one i like, they will cover your sales tax part of your bill on tax day. two completely different taxes federal and local but you get the savings. >> makes sense i like that. >> very good chillies. >> you get if you get a free appetizer or if you buy an entree again that one you can go online and you don't even have to printout the coupon just pop it on your smart phone. >> we won't see a good shot. >> just you know, i went on facebook i liked it they e- mailed it to me i show up i go hello server here you go. >> very easy. >> no paper involved. >> a lot of these seem to be restaurants are those the main people who take part? >> there are others that are sort of nonedible items the one i like, i don't think you have
8:20 am
this on the list but office depo will give you five single sided, black and white copies you should still have a paper copy of your return old school but makes people feel more comfortable you can just pop your return on a thumb drive walk into office depo printout your 25 copies and by the way when there you can also bring in five pounds of things you want shredded so for example tax records from a long time ago. >> you can make a day of this really and just really come out pretty good although you might have sugar shock. cinnabon, two free classic bites those are the little ones. >> yes. >> that is about all i can handle for a certain time period. >> i believe in the afternoon. >> 6 to 8:00 p.m. >> called wonderfully yummy tax bites day. >> all right, maggie moos.
8:21 am
three scoops of frozen yoghurt, 4 to 7. >> panda express. >> shanghai steak appetizer or single serving i should say again you need to take some action go online give them a little information but not as much as you are giving the irs. >> one other one on your list we didn't put up hydro massage free massages now until april 20th, right? >> yes. >> so you can take a little time to unwind, get the coupon now, hydro massage is interesting you keep your clothes on lie on a table and it is all automated process. >> that is really cool. very good. some great advice there, david, who is the online editor with we appreciate it. >> thank you >> we like free stuff allison. >> it is true. tv people love free stuff. 8:21 a.m., tuesday morning,
8:22 am
defense teams left you uninformed about possible problems with forensic evidence and it may have been going on for decades details up next on fox 5 morning news ahead later this hour there are more than 13,000 labels of beer in the united states did you know that? holly takes us on a look at a booming industry as she tours a local distributor we will be right back :ló
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
making headlines, a sentencing date has been set for the former university of virginia lacrosse player convicted of killing his ex- girlfriend george huguely will be sentenced august 30th faces 26 years in prison for the beating death of yeardley love. a fender bender in montgomery county takes a violent turn a man was driving on jones lane in potomac early saturday morning when he was bumped from behind when he got out of his car to talk to the other driver he was faced with two masked men armed with a long gun and a knife. police say the suspects duct taped the victim put him in a trunk and drove him to an atm where they stole money from his bank account a woman was involved in a similar incident earlier this month. >> justice department officials allegedly have known for years,
8:26 am
flawed forensic evidence could have led to convictions of innocent people. they started combing through cases in the 90s after reports of sloppy reports in the crime lab. the fears that hundreds of people remain behind bars for crimes based on faulty evidence. >> that is a shame. >> 8:26 a.m., now, on this tuesday morning, it can lead to problems with the heart, stroke and even type two diabetes up next, we are talking about med bollic syndrome why women are more prone to it than men. >> it is time to start defending yourself against those bug bites how reliable are over the counter remedies fox 5 morning news will be rig back
8:27 am
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campaign trail first installment of gallup's general election tracking poll, gop hopeful mitt romney leads president obama 47% to 45% it is a statistical tie, romney tapped his long servingst trusted advisor beth meyers to lead his presidential search efforts. today's vote on the two your budget is binding in virginia, democrats are complaining about transportation funding it is expected to pass in the republican controlled house of delegates. final winner of the record mega millions jackpot has come forward big news in the tiny town of red bud tomorrow the winner will get a check for $219 million later this morning, the town is holden event at the village hall i believe this is illinois here. the other two tickets have already been claimed, anonhousely, one in maryland -- anonymously, one in maryland
8:31 am
one in kansas but in illinois you have to come forward. >> we will see who it is. >> probably from the town of red bud. >> reou and i are matching i don't know why we didn't plan this, but dark suits purple ties, purple shirts. >> nice looking. >> looks good with you between us. >> i do like the combo of red and purple unconventional. >> but it works. >> yeah, i think so. >> all right tucker. >> warm conditions just another beautiful day yesterday was gorgeous, today more of the same, a lot of blue sky, just a little cooler than yesterday, temperatures upper 70s instead of upper 80s low 90s like yesterday, very comfortable this afternoon let's kick it off, look at numbers 70 washington cold front moving through overnight, has now pushed south and east of us, although we didn't get any rain showers with it, and we really didn't get much in the way of cloud cover, a little wind picked up out of the north and
8:32 am
west, you can see comfortable temperatures 66 winning number in manassas and dulles, 50s now north and west, 58 hagerstown, 59 in win chester, leonard town, 70 degrees again, very comfortable out there, nice looking tuesday, just a little breezy winds out of the north and west, 9 miles for hour washington, 14 frederick and 17 winchester sunshine, high pressure will keep us nice and dry and keep that northerly breeze so temperature is cooler as you get into night time hours, tomorrow clouds will move in, maybe fingers crossed a few showers tomorrow afternoon as we get moisture working from the south. there is your five day forecast a couple showers tomorrow cooler too temperatures low 60s thursday, friday, more fantastic, more nice, nice weather once again thursday and friday could be a shower or thunderstorm saturday mid-70s. >> that is weather, tony and allison back to you at the desk. tucker thank you.
8:33 am
health alert a new study shows women are at greater risk for developing metabolic syndrome than men it can lead to problems with the heart, stroke and diabetes when temperatures warm up, insects make themselves known just how reliable are the over the counter products against bug bites this morning the fox medical teams dr. mike joins us live from philadelphia good morning dr. mike. >> hello allison how are you? >> doing well we had a real spike in the temperature yesterday, and here comes the bugs what is the skinny on this? do the over-the-counter products work? >> well, they did a study and found a lot of the over-the- counter things likant histamines, steroid creams just didn't cut the muster so you got a mosquito bite, and you put this stuff on it, does not work. >> okay. so what do we do then?
8:34 am
any relief? >> well, what i recommend is you put cold come presses on and if you do that it reduces the swelling and inflammation, now, if you have a bee sting and you are allergic to bees, then you need to make sure you don't have. >> an fill lactic reaction to that if you have lyme disease you have to deal with that, simple bites, cold come presses forget about it. >> something else i hasn't heard of metabolic syndrome and how dangerous it is, especially to women. >> well, allison, this study basically shows women in particular, were at increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome where you have a big belly blood pressure is high, blood sugars high all of these
8:35 am
conspire to give you an increased risk of stroke, heart attack and diabetes in this study, it found, women who did not exercise 30 minutes a day, were more at risk for this than men who didn't exercise 30 minutes a day. >> okay. any reason why we would be more susceptible? just the way it goes? >> well, unfortunately, there are definite differences in physiology, but really, it comes down to making sure that if you are a woman, that you exercise 30 minutes a day, and allison it doesn't have to be all at once it can be in little pockets, you can do 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there but it has to equal 30 minutes a day. >> okay so that is what we can do i think you talked about it at first but the indicators you said, sort of a thick mid- section how else do we know we
8:36 am
are at risk? >> your blood pressure is up, your blood sugars are up your cholesterol is up, and your belly you look like an apple and if your doctor is telling you hey, these things are up your blood pressure is up a little bit you have metabolic syndrome which increases your risk for diabetes, stroke, heart attack and all the things you don't want to have. >> okay i am going to clear the clothes off the elliptical in the basement and get moving. >> there you go. >> have a super day in philadelphia. >> tony. >> it is now 8:36 a.m. we just mentioned bug bites, well, another sign of the seasons changing is potholes. dc crews are asking for your help locating the trouble spots on the road fox 5 morning news will be right back [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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>> pothole polooza kicks off is it a party? no, dc transportation crews aggressively repairing roads across the city, nearly 19,000 potholes have been fixed since 2009, residents are urged to reportholes that need repair do
8:40 am
it by phone, e-mail tweet or use the districts new dc 311 smart phone ap average response time, just about 3 days really good. starting today, you can exchange old cell phones that you no longer use for a beautiful potted plant. it is part of the fourth annual flowers for phones event. all you have to do is bring your old device this event is from 11 to 2 today and tomorrow last year organizers collected more than 300 mobile devices and chargers they were then able to recycle securely. quick reminder about the fox 5 job shone today's job of the day a customer service rep with wells fargo they are hiring in several locations in the dc region, candidates for the job at that bank must be bilingual, have to speak spanish and english for more
8:41 am
details, to see our listings go to search the job shop. 8:40 a.m., tuesday morning how you can lift yourself into a better economic status. >> travis smiley and cornell west are live with us here in the studio to talk about their new book the rich and the rest of us, poverty manifesto, we will talk about poverty and what needs to be done to eradicate it coming up. well, tony my eyes are wide right now because i am amazed at the size of the warehouse, at premium distributors where we are live in northeast, just to give you an idea how big their warehouse is, it holds at any given time 1 million-pints of beer or 5 million bottles we are getting a little behind the scenes action on the business of beer here in the district all live next here on fox 5 morning news you will be amazed
8:42 am
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travis smiley and cornell west are in town with their new book, the rich and the rest of us, a poverty manifesto they say we are heading down the
8:45 am
road to economic ruin. and americans can lift themselves to a better economic status if there are enough opportunities for them enough support for single working moms and living wage jobs, they join us now good to see you thanks for coming in. >> blessed to be here. >> i am glad you guys are here this is a very serious topic, it is something that we have been dealing with for a long long time before we get to some of the nuts and bolts tell us how this came to be i am assuming this is a offshoot of the poverty tour you did last year. >> he had those two wonderful gatherings, washington university, and nyu, children women and poverty it is trying to keep the legacy of martin ruther king and preciousness of poor people, in society, 1% of the population have 42% of the
8:46 am
wealth and the bottom 150 million you have a crisis, democracy can't survive. >> you mentioned dr. king it is interesting things get lost in history some times but this was the issue he was dealing with, at the time of his assassination in 1968. >> he started the campaign in chicago, he was in memphis of course to march with those sanitation workers poverty was the issue to echo what dr. west was saying, king was saying poverty threatens our democracy, you can't have these are the numbers one out of two americans is in or near poverty, the new poor the former middle class and the new poor one pay check away, 150 million americans wrestling with poverty, in or near right on the precipice your democracy can't survive when half of your people are wrestling with reality, poverty has been so color coated for so long you think poverty, black and brown
8:47 am
americans of all races colors and creeds are wrestling with this. >> that is one thing you address in the book there is a lot in the book you address the 10 myths or lies about poverty and that is one of the ones that it is a problem with minorities. >> that's right >> it is an urban problem not the case. >> exactly right a lot of poverty in the suburbs, and right now you have a bipartisan consensus, both parties really don't want to talk about poverty. they don't talk about income and equality owing to the occupy movement god bless the occupy movement you have both parties so tied to big money, beneather one of them -- beneather one of them want to deal with the trails. they have been out there, but you got 13,000 lobbiests in washington, k street how many of them fighting for poor people? hardly any. >> tavis let me ask you this, traditionally a lot of people thought of democratic party as the party representing in
8:48 am
addition to others the poor and those who don't quite have some of the opportunities we have a democratic presidency right now, why is poverty not being dealt with the way you thing it should be. >> a question the white house ought to be asking. the president has done somethings there are things he has done we celebrate, health care bill was not what it should have been, better something than nothing i hope the supreme court won't gut this. but doctor is right it has not been made a priority one thing very quickly we call for in our poverty manifesto, you are right we have those myths about poverty, but 12 things that must be den right now, to reduce ander rad kate poverty one thing the next president ought to do as his first official act an executive order calling for a white house conference on eradication of poverty this ain't rocket science bringing together all the experts in this country let's craft a national plan, that we can enact over 10, 15,
8:49 am
25 years to reduce poverty these plans exist we have just not had sustained leadership from the white house in any administration republican or democrat since linden johnson about poverty >> i remember resurrection city. >> absolutely. >> linden johnson was he really emeses he was really the last person -- really was last person to seriously address the poverty issue. >> 50 year ace go. >> some would say times are tight what we need to do and this is a theme you hear in the political campaigns we need to cut back on the money. >> austerity. >> yeah. >> is there a political will to do the things that you think need to be done? >> i think the worst thing you can do is have awe torety policies in a moment of -- austerity policies in a moment of recession and depression. in the depression now what we need is investment in education, investment not in
8:50 am
jails and prisons we always find money for that, not in wars we find money for that drones dropping bombs on innocent people we need jobs with a living wage, decent housing and then health care. >> all right, we could talk for an hour about all this you are doing a book signing later today i think we have that information, you are doing a couple book signings. >> at noon at barnes and noble >> i love great graphics, noon at barnes and noble and union station and tonight georgetown >> there you go georgetown university. 7 p.m. the book is the rich and the rest of us a poverty mantes foe, tavis smiley and cornell west. >> thank you tony. >> all right. >> allison back to you. i always love when both of you are in thanks so much for stopping by. >> did you know 98,000 men and women work at beer distributors in the country? holly morris is at a local dustry to be to learn more
8:51 am
about the work they do -- local distributor to learn about the work they do. >> in the 80s there were less that 50 in the united states now there are about 2,000 none of us would know any of those labels if it were not for the distributor ships. rebecca spicer is back with me good morning. >> good morning. >> it is crazy how many labels there are these days. >> isn't is fun? 13,000 labels of beer from coast to coast, so certainly something for everybody even the pickiest pallet. >> even the pickiest pallet now we are seeing a lot of beer pearings there is a beer that goes with every meal. >> even people who like fruity drinks there is nice raspberry lambacks to go with a dessert. >> am i making you hungry? >> yes,. >> you have a lot of beer here. >> some people would say beer is a meal. >> you can cook with it it is a secret ingredient to put a
8:52 am
stout in a brownie to make it good and moist i am making you hungry i can tell. >> was there a revelation beer could take on so many different flavours and tastes or the pros is of making beer became more scientific. >> or less depending how you look at it but yeah, i think there is a real interest in the wide variety of flavours and the consumer is really having a lot of fun with it these days look around this warehouse we are walking through, there are over 400 labels of beer under this roof alone that is going to include your familiar, large domestic brands people know off the top of their head it is going to include imports from around the country looking around now i see some labels from china, jamaica, thailand, from ireland, a lot of fun from around the world the real explosion we have been seeing in the united states is in the craft industry with growth at all levels and again looking
8:53 am
around this warehouse i see something right in front of us from delaware i see labels from massachusetts, texas, vermont, california, new york, colorado, the list goes on and on, so, there is definitely something for everybody in here. >> where is all this beer going. >> great question earlier this morning, we saw a lot of folks in here it was really hustle and bustle, about 30 trucks got loaded they hit the streets of dc to go out to retailers like restaurants and bars, even the baseball stadium, so folks going out to the game later today can have a nice fresh gold beer of their choice >> you keep using the people here premium distributors use the word fresh what is the shelf life of beer how long can it stay here before it needs to be delivered. >> we say it needs to go out as quickly as possible to make sure the consumer has really fresh beer we like to rotate it off after a few weeks to make sure everybody has just the
8:54 am
freshest selection but also it is why everyone things to be kept at a certain temperature i know you are going into the keg room later that is 38 degrees to make sure it stays very fresh but you are right beer is a perishable product distributors are instrumental making sure everything stays fresh you only have the freshest beer available to you. >> now premium distributors is this the main distributor in dc. >> there are several and they represent all different labels from around the country too we have 3300 independent distributors across the country that look similar to this, all working to get a wide range of labels out to the consumer. >> very cool. very cool thank you so much. >> thanks holly. >> our website we have a link to premium distributors if you want to check it out, next hour you heard rebecca say we are heading into the keg room and i want to say this come over here rebecca, tony and allison i am not making any comment but
8:55 am
rebecca used to work in news and then said she had to get out of it and came to the beer industry. >> well, life after news. >> holly, get her card. >> or news drove her to the beer industry. >> very possible. >> thanks holly. >> i am going into the twinkie business after news. >> you are? i want to be your vice president. >> time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, sweet heart if i do not pronounce your name correctly i apologize i believe we are saying good morning to shedah savoury she has been watching fox 5 since she was a teenager more than 15 years last year she moved to charlotte north carolina but still watches every day online. we appreciate you hope you are having a great day. >> 8:55 a.m. on tuesday morning at this hour, dc region awaiting a very special fly over ahead at 9:00 a.m.
8:56 am
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